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«His magazine spoke to us. It spoke to all those local lads as puberty kick in, when we went from being knock-kneed innocents to shivering, shaking wrecks of untrammeled desire. It spoke to each adolescent itching for more information about sex than he could ever hope to glean from his parents or from the older schoolboys who would wink with hints of secret knowledge while secretly hiding their ignorance. » Y’all recognize the famous magazine Playboy made by the pop-culture icon Hugh Hefner. Portrait hand embroidered on the right arm were he wear his legendary silk pajamas and his captain hat. One of the most iconic logos in the world, the famous rabbit is roughly machine sewn in the back. Recognizable everywhere as symbol of prestige, sexiness and a little bit of mystique. The ash black wash jacket also has a hand embroidered quote on the left arm from the founder. Thank you to bringing us beauties since 1953 Hugh. rest in peace.


Type: Denim trucker jacket
Size: Large, true to size
Brand: Levi’s 70503 02
Material: 100% cotton
Made in: Not found (too old)
Technique: Hand embroidered + fabric



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